The unique guidance for your life that you somehow never received either at school, college or at home - Human Design!

Are you sick and tired of struggles, pain and toxic relationships or business partnerships?

Are you exhausted to give 100% and receive nothing back?

If so, decide to change this today by learning more about the unique manner in which you operate on this planet called Earth.

The unique results that astonish all of my clients are based on the variable angles and systems that are at the core of Human Design.

Discover what clients think and how they feel after receiving their unique human design charts, living in accordance with their authentic strategy and type in Human Design.

How does it feel to finally live with ease, flow and get what you deserve and always craved for!

“After years of self exploration and reflection, I came to understand a lot of the emotions and the experiences that I’m having. In a way I knew that I was trusting my inner voice without a rational explanation, but the Human Design reading with Lora explained and helped me understand the potential of all these ‘irrational’ experiences.

She showed me how to read all my emotions and how to get the most of them. I find the information that Lora provided as my Human Design reading inspiring and pragmatic as well as easy to understand and apply to action in the day to day situations.

— Petya Lipeva, Chief Navigator at CowOrKing Space by Puzl

“I have worked individually with Lora on my personal human design. The results were very impressive. I did not think that there is a tool that can reveal with such clarity a person’s strong and weak sides, but obviously I have been wrong. The valuable things for me though were the advices that Lora gave me based on the unique human design chart that she has created for me. Listening carefully to those advices I can easily see how useful are they for my overall personal development. Now the only thing that I have to decide is whether I will listen to them and I have already made that choice.”

— Boris Hristov, Founder and Owner of 356labs

“An outstanding service including a friendly yet highly professional attitude. The Human Design map included a thorough analysis of every aspect concerning vital life choices that one has to make in order to live a fulfilling and happy life. I highly recommend Lora’s service as everything was very straightforward and easily explained through voice recordings and face to face meetings that she includes in the service provided.”

— Ivan Zahov, Digital Manager

Human Design's transformative power: