The six human needs that control your decisions more than anything else in life!

There are invincible forces that control how we think, how we feel, what we do or do not even consider trying to do. Why bother? It’s impossible anyways, right. I bet you have heard this 1000 times.

Tony Robbins and his team have created unique assessment that defines the two predominant needs that control you. Do you crave to understand the power that has the biggest influence over you?

Knowing your two primary needs, you can work with them, grow your strengths, weaken your weaknesses and follow a balance strategy for massive growth.

Discover what successful and fulfilled clients are saying, here:

“I think all of us are in a transition. Some are perhaps more obvious than others. You have the big physical ones like changing jobs or moving across country. And some are subtle and more reflective, like when you are ready to make a personal leap forward in how you will hold yourself accountable. A few months ago I was in a space where I was transitioning careers, and going through a major shift in my life. I am so thankful that I had Lora to help me along the way. During our time together, I felt as though she really understood what I was going through, but also was able to bring additional insights and points of view that opened up new and engaging possibilities for me. Needless to say, the transition was not just smooth, but enjoyable, relaxing, and I accomplished more in my part-time business than I ever thought possible given the circumstances. If you are an entrepreneur, or someone who is in a transition in life, I highly recommend working with Lora because she will deliver results in a fun and enjoyable way.”

— Scott A. Bradley, Strategic Coach and Keynote Speaker, Houston, USA

“It feels almost impossible not to catch Lora’s infectious optimism and drive.Her kind attitude and fastidious attention to detail are of rare quality.She provided fantastic guidance and support in transition times and her strategic approach defined my true goals and clarified the steps necessary to achieve them.Lora is proof that age can be entirely irrelevant when it comes to experience and professionalism.”

— Vladimir Ubichev, Marketing Executive, Bournemouth, UK

“There are many mentors, coaches, trainers, teachers and random people out there who claim they are gonna change your life, but Lora takes it as a personal mission to help you grow and achieve your goals. She really cares and this was even more inspiring for me to work with her. Give her a try, you can only win!”

— Miroslav Tomov , Entrepreneur