How to gently let go of the most addictive drug - CONTROL?

As human beings we tend to control everything. We control how other people act towards us. We control money. We control health. We even believe we can control love. Actually we simply believe we hold the imaginary control button over every single aspect of our lives. This illusional reality makes us feel as super humans, because we are in charge.


In charge of what actually? In charge of whom? In charge of or believing to be in charge of?

Control is powerful, strong adrenaline that makes us feel on top of the world. It makes us feel safe, certain, decisive, successful, in charge, protected of the unexpected. The ones being too controlling, we playfully label bossy. Some consider it a powerful skill, others are afraid of bossy people. Are you one of the bossy people?

Becoming wise is founding some hidden truths under the surface that not many people discover through their life journeys. One of them is how poisonous control is for us as humans. Control poisons your heart, mind, spirit and body. Control is - non stop being afraid that something is going to change or not gonna go as you have planned it. Control is -observing people at super close angle to be sure they follow the choices you have made for them. Control is believing the result you expect is granted for the future via certain actions.

Control is lacking tolerance, love, compassion and understanding yourself and/or others. Being controlling is the quickest road to suffering and lacking any joy. There is something to be always worried about, someone to be observed and conscious control to be executed.

This is all a big, funny or not so cosmic joke. We live in a world where we hold the control button for sure. However, we hold it only for one thing - our attitude. The consequence is how we chose to feel on a daily basis. Miserable or Thriving, Depressed or Grateful, Anxious or Brave, Happy or Angry - all those choices are in your hands!

The new trendy and deeply powerful quality to be embraced and accepted is VULNERABILITY - not control. We connect through VULNERABILITY, we grow through VULNERABILITY, we share through VULNERABILITY. The authentic, peaceful, thriving, generous, kind and deeply fulfilled people have all embraced VULNERABILITY as the new strong. VULNERABILITY allows you to be who you truly are, share your gifts with the world and live in peace, thriving.