My promise to you is a strategic approach to solve your daily, visionary and life challenges with the aid of the coaching techniques created by Toni Robbins providing lasting and powerful transformations.
— Lora Tsankova
The number one key to success in life is to master your own state. If you can manage and master your states, there’s nothing you can’t do.
— Tony Robbins

Discover what clients are saying about strategic coaching based on the tools and techniques of Tony Robbins, self exploration and finding the smartest and quickest way to accomplish your goals and create lasting fulfillment.

“There are many mentors, coaches, trainers, teachers and random people out there who claim they are gonna change your life, but Lora takes it as a personal mission to help you grow and achieve your goals. She really cares and this was even more inspiring for me to work with her. Give her a try, you can only win!”

— Miroslav Tomov , Entrepreneur

“It feels almost impossible not to catch Lora’s infectious optimism and drive.Her kind attitude and fastidious attention to detail are of rare quality.She provided fantastic guidance and support in transition times and her strategic approach defined my true goals and clarified the steps necessary to achieve them.Lora is proof that age can be entirely irrelevant when it comes to experience and professionalism.”

— Vladimir Ubichev, Marketing Executive, Bournemouth, UK


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Are you a game Changer or an average Joe in business?

As a CEO there is a lot to think about while doing business. How to increase sales? How to capture bigger market share? How to build a brand that is unique and authentic? How to be a game changer as company? How to recruit the right people? How to grow and educate your team? How to create a company culture based on a common mission and vision that inspire the whole team not only the CEO? How to create values that boost growth, inspiration and possibilities for the company?

That's a lot I know and sometimes you miss the details when you recruit people. I can support you through the recruitment and growth of your team!

Discover what successful and fulfilled clients share about coaching and how it has massively affected their journeys!

“It is obvious that Lora loves what she does and does it in a professional manner. She practices with a lot of empathy and sincerely cares how she could help you. After the advices she gave me I have learned how to be more active listener, to understand even better people and to be able to transfer information to others in their language of communication.”

— Metodi Bozhilov, Financial consultant

“An inspiring and deep event filling every cell in our bodies with enthusiasm and motivation. Lora is amazing. She has the power to enable you to enjoy the moment of here and now.”

— Katerina Trifonova, Financier

“I have liked the event that Lora was speaking on due to the way that the information was presented and the way that the event was led. The charisma and experience of Lora in coaching and training created the great vibe during the event. Lora was talking about real life situations and experiences felt first hand not only on a theoretical basis. She led everyone share their point of view and ask questions during the event which showed her powerful speaking mastery. For me the event was very valuable in terms of understanding the power of asking deep questions about who we really are, about our soul and last but not least about our childhood when we were able to naturally respond to these questions. More than that to understand that everyone has their own questions and life paths. ”

— Andrian Trendafilov, Engineer telecommunication services

Life zones and Pizza concept!

Assess the quality of your life right now with the simple usage of an old school pen and paper! Don't waste more time not knowing what you have settled for. The pizza concept has raised awareness about the necessary changes in the lives of millions of people in the world. For sure, it can add value to your life, as well.

Your life is not as great as you had expected it to be...You don't want to experience the pain of feeling bored, frustrated, dissatisfied or simply anxious, like you are missing out on life. 

Great! Become part of the small percentage of active, thriving leaders who take charge of their journeys and act rather than simply responding to what life offers on a daily basis.

As a compliment for your decisiveness, I offer a discovery session that is free of charge to share more about where you are now, what your goals are and where you want to be. Sign up and tell me more about yourself, your struggles and goals. I would be more than grateful to serve you and share my expertise and strategic approach to accomplish your goals quicker and smarter.

The unique guidance for your life that you somehow never received either at school, college or at home - Human Design!

Are you sick and tired of struggles, pain and wrong relationships or business partnerships? Are you exhausted to give 100% and receive nothing back? If so, decide to change this today by learning more about the unique manner in which you operate on this planet called Earth.

The unique results that astonish all of my clients are based on the variable angles and systems that are at the core of Human Design. Discover what fulfilled and successful clients are saying about their experience with Human Design and how it has massively affected their journeys!

“I have made a decision to make a Human Design profile for a while and in a nutshell, a friend recommended Lora.Since I always prefer to trust reliable sources, I decided to leave my inner world and the human nature of my personality to Lora’s hands - who I have never seen in person so far.

I would say that the design profile provided by Lora was written very professionally with personal approach and a lot of attention to detail. The good things were yet to come, my meeting with Lora was consequently more than pleasant, she is so young, energetic and attentive, with positive energy and a rich set of knowledge that I have not met a long ago. Everyone would feel glad to meet Lora and would have enjoyed a very interesting experience.

Human design is definitely a choice, but I would say that knowing more about ourselves and focusing on the inside not on the outside would bring the world to a better place. ”

— Mariela Vasileva, Release to Product Manager /HP Inc

“After years of self exploration and reflection, I came to understand a lot of the emotions and the experiences that I’m having. In a way I knew that I was trusting my inner voice without a rational explanation, but the Human Design reading with Lora explained and helped me understand the potential of all these ‘irrational’ experiences.

She showed me how to read all my emotions and how to get the most of them. I find the information that Lora provided as my Human Design reading inspiring and pragmatic as well as easy to understand and apply to action in the day to day situations.”

— Petya Lipeva, Chief Navigator at CowOrKing Space by Puzl

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