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Are you looking for someone to create a real and long-lasting motivation for your team?

Are you seeking both inspiration and boost of the results of your team?

Discover what successful and fulfilled clients are saying from the trainings I have led:

“I am happy that I had the chance to be part of this event organized by Lora. I think that each person that has been part of the event was able to learn something new in the end of the event based on what stage the person is exactly right now at accomplishing his goals. I would recommend the events organized by Lora to everyone who is looking for empowerment how to set their personal and business goals more effectively.”

— Nikoleta Mukareva, Team lead, Adecco

“I have attended two of the events that Lora was speaking on.The first one was about the types in Human Design and the Human Design chart - things I have not heard about so far and made me curious.The information provided by Lora was more than clear, straight forward and easy to perceive. The second event that I have attended was connected to creating big, exciting and inspiring goals with the aid of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Here I felt a very positive attitude which is definitely powerful and motivating. Overall life coaching is something new that I have come across though I find it valuable and meaningful. I hope I have managed to empower and transfer some clarity to the other participants in the event as well. This way contributing to the overall awareness of global consciousness.”

— Petar Kolchev, Adventurer and Traveler

“It is obvious that Lora loves what she does and does it in a professional manner. She practices with a lot of empathy and sincerely cares how she could help you. After the advices she gave me I have learned how to be more active listener, to understand even better people and to be able to transfer information to others in their language of communication.”

— Metodi Bozhilov, Financial consultant

“An inspiring and deep event filling every cell in our bodies with enthusiasm and motivation. Lora is amazing. She has the power to enable you to enjoy the moment of here and now.”

— Katerina Trifonova, Financier

“I have liked the event that Lora was speaking on due to the way that the information was presented and the way that the event was led. The charisma and experience of Lora in coaching and training created the great vibe during the event. Lora was talking about real life situations and experiences felt first hand not only on a theoretical basis. She led everyone share their point of view and ask questions during the event which showed her powerful speaking mastery. For me the event was very valuable in terms of understanding the power of asking deep questions about who we really are, about our soul and last but not least about our childhood when we were able to naturally respond to these questions. More than that to understand that everyone has their own questions and life paths. ”

— Andrian Trendafilov, Engineer telecommunication services

Topics that I can cover and adapt to suite your unique goals and audience are:

  • Change Management

  • Conflict Management

  • Time Management

  • Anger Management

  • Stress Management

  • Authentic and Impactful Leadership

  • Neuro Sells based on NLP techniques

If you do not see the training that your audience needs, but believe I am the right person, send me a message here with more details about your audience and goals as I create unique trainings for special clients, as well.