Being a visionary

Have you ever felt stuck in a place or hole and feeling like you can’t get out of it? It is like it’s a constant in your life and there is no moving forward. Have you ever felt that each day is the same, with the same routine, same tasks, same food, and same type of clothes? Have you lacked any variety or inspiration to go after what you want? Feeling like life gives you lemons and you don’t know how to make yourself lemonade. Being in despair, feeling rage and being exhausted is what has happened to each of us at least once in life. However, now we have a chance to make a move and choose wisely.

Luckily by birth right we have the ability to choose and make our lives better. We have the magical, creative force to have a dream, to make it a goal and accomplish it. Being a strategic thinker is what an engine is to a car for a person who has a vision. Knowing where you are going requires a future thinking that support, elevates and achieves your vision. It is often said if you can’t imagine it, you can’t have it. This saying confirms the idea that we allow or don’t allow ourselves to have the life we long for through our minds, our imagination mostly.

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the level of uncertainty you can comfortably live with. So let’s use the famous strategy of W. Disney to expand, reflect and act upon our vision. This is a three dimension view of your dream, goal and how to make your vision true. Entering each of the roles you can solve all of your problems and go beyond your wildest dreams in business and life.

 Walt Disney's Technique how to program our success and resolve inner conflicts via 3 ways  positioning:

 5.1 Me being completely associated with the current moment now. This is an ego position     when you see everything only through your own eyes and feelings now.

5.2 Understanding the point of view of the person in front of you. Getting completely in the other person's shoes and supporting him/her completely. Doing nothing for yourself.

5.3 Looking like  a third person that is not associated or affected by this situation as well. Great position for solving problems and analysis of critical situations.

This strategy is great to use when you are dreaming and trying to make an action plan for your dreams how to come true. Dream big and brave in 5.1, then see your clients with their needs in 5.2 and solve your major issues and concerns in 5.3

All these strategies are based on the idea of NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING that only 5% of our behavior is on conscious level. So these tools are affecting the unconscious mind holding 95%. Play with the images and sounds as much as you can, because it increases the flexibility and gives you new, fresh ideas.

Why this strategy works and isn’t it just a nice story? The astonishing example of what Walt Disney has build in terms of design, creativity and Business Empire speaks for itself. The Disney magical business has survived not only, but thrived through major economic downturns. This has proved the ability of its owner to be a strategic thinker with vision and made him a role model. It is not that hard to build something from scratch, but it is way harder to sustain it and make it work in times of crisis. The brilliant example and strategy of Disney show us how to not only build a bridge, but enhance it and make it a magnificent vehicle for all the travelers that arrive at it. Use your imagination to make the best you can with this strategy for your well-being, success and happiness.

Making a conscious choice to see the big picture in comparison with focusing on the small details is what brings benefits. In life and business both matter knowing where you are going and how to get there. The solution and choice to be a visionary and have a big picture focus is the right way to plan, live and evolve in our lives. The benefits of this strategy are numerous not only that you don’t get stuck in insignificant details, but you find a destination. Having a dreamed destination is the best way to stay focused, centered and confident. What makes life beautiful is striving for something with the right attitude in mind. Having a vision is a free gift that you can give to yourself. With it in your hands you will find multiple set of tools in order to achieve what you want. So why don’t you give yourself this chance?