How to recruit and create powerful business teams via the usage of Human Design methods?

Many times hiring the right person for the job seems like mission IMPOSSIBLE. The main reason is, because old fashion style beginning with CV screening followed by face to face interviews simply does not work anymore. WHY?

The world is getting more and more complicated. Time is as precious and limited as never before. Everything happens in milliseconds. We as human beings follow this pattern of getting more and more diversified as personalities, more ambitious and smarter. What does this mean for an HR or the company owner hiring a new person for his/ her company?

The candidates that want to be hired become more and more adaptable, flexible in communication and approach. Winning the respect and trust of an HR or the company owner is not a mission impossible anymore.  Candidates read and practice a lot and become more skillful in both tests and communication than before.

What this means for the company hiring?

Finding the right people that will be a great match for the company, be aligned with its values and accept the company's mission as their own becomes mission impossible. Don’t worry there is a method that allows accurate and strong recruitment with almost no mistakes. How is it called and what can it create for your business and peace of mind?

What Human Design does is create an individual chart based on the unique birth time, year, place and date of a single person. Then a person with the necessary knowledge as I am can analyze the energy levels, character type, manner of interaction with others, strengths, areas of possible growth and weaknesses of a single candidate.

What this means for you as a company owner and a person hiring?  Clarity and less mistakes when hiring new people, less money lost, less teams that do not produce the right results, less pointless conflicts, less time lost. Human Design is a worldwide popular tool for success and fulfillment. It can produce for you and your business results at an outstanding level and productive, supportive work environment with the right division of responsibilities and leadership.

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