21 Days Destiny Changing Challenge

Have you ever felt stuck in a certain emotion that you experience each day- anger, frustration, sadness or feeling lost without any direction? Have you felt like you have lost yourself and you just feel the same feelings each day. That is the moment when you feel pointless, stuck and do not know what to do with your life. Experiencing the boredom of mostly dominating negative emotions makes you sick and tired often. Not to even mention feeling lack of peaceful confidence through your days. Feeling like your mind is constantly sabotaging you by playing weird games. It’s like self sabotage is your second nature now.

Every successful person and entrepreneur needs to have a balanced nervous system that contributes to their creativity and thriving life style full of dynamics. The balanced nervous system is like a little kid who likes to play different games. What I mean by this is that we need diversity in our lives. This can be achieved only by experiencing different emotions through our days. Certainly this is the way to cope with being stuck in negative mindsets, shrinking patterns and places where you do not want to be any longer. Feeling like you can’t stand your own emotions in which you are stuck now is the time to change them. It’s all in your own hands. Take the leap by giving yourself new chances and opportunities.

Let me give you the right strategy to help you switch emotions successfully and live on the bright side of life experiencing the summer breeze. Being aware, confident, calm and successful are qualities of every life winner. Getting to this brilliant and magic level is only by challenging yourself to find a goal that excites you and makes you go beyond your limits.  Goal contributing to a larger group and one that provides meaningful experiences. However, this goal is still not going to make you let go of negativity and emotions that are stuck in you. The key to open the door to awareness, confidence and successful emotion is challenging you. It takes 21 days to set a new habit about any area of your life where you want to change. So why not challenge yourself for the upcoming 21 days to never devote time to negative emotions. This does not mean that you should not have negative thoughts, but just learn to let them go and release them. This way new thoughts resulting in new emotions can come into your life. Each day you will feel more confident with the new thinking style and the new positive patterns that you are creating for yourself. If you find a partner who can do this life changing exercise with you it would be easier to reach to the next level. As well it will give you the contribution feeling like you have helped somebody and inspired them to work, to create better lives for themselves.

Why this works and what kind of examples can I give you to prove the above strategy? Well think about your favorite athlete, entrepreneur, business guru or any person you consider super successful- they are all united by having the top 10 successful emotions that lead to success namely:

1) LOVE the only driving force that can change anything in your life as long as it is honest and comes from your heart, soul and spirit

2) GRATITUDE for everything that you have and enjoy in your life, for the future opportunities and experiences coming to you

3) CURIOUSITY to learn new things, to gain new experiences, to meet new people in order to evolve and grow

4) VITALITY to feel strong, healthy, fit and full of energy

5) CONFIDENCE to know you can handle anything that comes into life with courage and calm attitude

6) MAKING BOLD CHOICES AND STICKING TO THEM start making decisions that will change your life and don‘t give up if you don’t see the results very quickly

7) SEEING THE BEAUTY AND OPPORTUNITIES in life this doesn’t mean that you are completely ignorant towards the negativity, but that you are wise enough to make a choice to see the opportunities and beauty

8) FLEXIBILITY in what drives you makes you happy and how you can handle certain situation, be able to find 30 ways to be happy and entertained for example

9) PASSIONATE MEANING about life that excites you, moves you and is inspiring energy and creativity like nothing else

10) CONTRIBUTE do something that you don’t seek rewards for in terms of relationships, money and just help people you can help without expecting anything in return.

These solutions on how to thrive via making a massive change in your mindset that will result in your lifestyle would allow you to explore new ways of handling life situations. Being able to experience emotions that put you in strong state where you have control, ability to influence the world is what each of us longs for. Enjoying calmly looking at the stars, breathing the fresh mountain air and feeling the ocean breeze is the goal of this exercise.  Regaining the natural balance and harmony in your emotional state with which we are born is a key decision you can make to support yourself. This will result in abundant changes in your outer world conditions and relationships. Only by changing yourself you can change the life conditions you don’t like. The challenging effort that you will make will take you to the next level full of opportunities and abundance. Once you understand that you have been the only person standing and opposing to your own success by your own doubts, anger, fears and inner conflicts you will appreciate the challenge.  21 days of mental challenges are a great way to prove yourself to learn how to be aligned and move all of your identity parts forward to the life you deserve. Without being aligned success is never going to be constant part of your life. You can have ups and downs in terms of success or a stable upward life path. You chose what you deserve to create and live with.