Nobody knows what exactly is the extra mile or exceeding expectations, but everybody strives to achieve it.


In a world filled up with ambition, drive for money and success the extra mile has become a key goal to run after. It is treasured by winners and game changers who believe that working harder, ‘’hustling’’ and ‘’grinding’’, achieving the extra mile are the doors towards financial abundance. Exceeding expectations is supposed to create a self worth, brand value and success.

The funny thing is that nobody knows what exactly the extra mile is or how to know that you have reached it. One thing for sure - the extra mile is not the same for each individual. By having different potential, skills and time necessary to get beyond the extra mile, we have diverse perceptions of what it really is. Expectations are another interesting aspect to look at. They control the price that could be charged, meaning the income received for the product or service.  Financial rewards are sweet, desired presents for the ones who go beyond the extra mile and exceed the expectations.

Individuals who tend to crave for certainty think in their minds that money makes you safe and provides you comfort. Complete illusion money don’t bring overall peace or certainty in life. You can simply buy more stuff that you don’t need many times and travel more which is the great part of owning it. People push themselves so hard, until the edge to go beyond the extra mile and exceed expectations. Even though only a very small percentage actually knows what they go after. Without any clarity, real goals that could be measured, everyone jumps in the crazy ride for success.  Nowadays sacrificing time, energy, sometimes your own health, emotional strength, personal life and time for yourself are called being ‘’driven’’.

Going beyond the extra mile and exceeding expectations brings money for sure. But think carefully about the sacrifices along the way that you make. Nobody can bring you back the lost health, emotional strength or the people you neglected, because of the desire for money. Let’s face it certainty is a blurry term and you will never be certain for anything 100%. Accept the change and uncertainty and embrace them – they make you free and give you choices. Be respectful while building your way to the top, because you will meet the same people when you fail. Everybody fails in life. This is a fact, even the strongest and most resourceful people do fail.

Dare to be more successful! You are in the right place:

Take care and don’t forget to enjoy this moment! It is the only one we have control over certainly!