What communicational effects do our words create in the world?

What communicational effects do our words create in the world?

‘’Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.’’- Richard Branson

We all talk all the time, communicate and consider ourselves highly social – modern, urban people. Having face to face, old school conversations and being plugged in all the social media whenever we can. This by itself enables us to be very successful and effective communicators in various life situations. At least this is what we think. Lately I had a conversation with a man selling books that made me think seriously about the communicational differences. We were so different in terms of character types, conversational styles and ways of expressing that in my opinion we had no conversation. I would describe that case as pure funny disastrous communicational experience. This is not a big deal. But if you have communication of that quality with your business partners, angel investors, your tribe of followers or your closest people what will happen? Doubt, hurt and frustration resulting in inefficient communication create huge troubles in your business and personal world.

You don’t have to suffer and go through the tough explanatory process of what you wanted to say, why you said it like this and etc. This is all lost time that I can save you. Words matter and they create a lot of pain if used in inappropriate way. To be highly effective and successful communicator means to be aware and use our differences in positive manner. Having diverse kinds of people makes the world interesting. However, we have to develop ourselves to create the right effects we want through our words. There are a lot of categories of people and unique approach towards each can save you a lot of trouble.

By reading or watching videos you can understand more about introverts and extroverts. This communicational effort brings a huge, tasty piece of cake that we all deliciously enjoy. Each of us has characteristics of both types; however one dominates over the other. There is a massive difference in the way the brain processes information and reacts to stimuli from the outside environment. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both types in details makes you a master of the difference. Then you can attract business partner that fits your style of communication or has the opposite style. You can choose a life partner that is like you or opposite and create partnerships that work extraordinary. Successful communication is based on no judgment. Pure awareness and using the differences in your own advantage is what matters the most. We are all unique and understanding this makes you a respectful and gentle communicator. Qualities that make you great in what you say, everywhere you go by each word you speak.

Being recognized for a heartfelt entrepreneur, inspirational leader and EXTRAORDINARY COMMUNICATOR one name comes to mind immediately– Richard Branson. He is the best example that I can think of in terms of gentle, kind, influential communication style in business, life and situations that change the world. Making gestures such as writing handwritten notes, that are old fashioned and stand for unique attitude are one of the advices that Richard Branson shares in his blog. When you do things extraordinary, you receive extraordinary results and respect .The keys are to communicate your own, true, authentic values in a BRAVE, GENTLE and KIND manner. Inspiring changes through thought leadership and your OWN personal example is what you can do. Having people like Richard Branson as role models of great communication, is a gift that we can all benefit from.

Knowing how to affect, inspire and ignite people is what communication is really about. I truly believe that the better you are in terms of communication the more influential you can become. It all comes down to simply working and developing your communicational gifts. By being more aware of whom you are, how you interact and communicate you will be better off at your life, entrepreneurial business and leadership role.

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