Become the ocean and create the miracles you seek for!

Do you keep on waiting for the miracle to happen? Do you wait for your business to finally make the leap you long for? Do you wait for the right one to share your life with? Do you keep on waiting for the problems to disappear by themselves? And they just don’t that is the way things work out. Do you become more doubtful and scared what the future holds for you? Do you feel the uncertainty raising your attention to what could, might and should happen in your world?

“The power is in you. The answer is in you.And you are the answer to all your searches. You are the goal. You are the answer. It is never outside.” Eckhart Tolle

The moment that we understand that we have all we need inside of us is the moment we finally start acting. Life is acting and making choices. When you do - you meet the right person, your business starts thriving and suddenly things begin to make sense. Yes, I know making choices and feeling confident living out of your comfort zone is not easy. But without making choices you erase your dreams, hopes, goals and yourself.

When somebody tells you that some other successful people are just born confident and decisive this is just an excuse. Everybody can become everything they decide to be. It all starts with a choice followed by every moment; every day action until this confidence and decisiveness become a HABIT. It is until your unconscious mind does the THINGS that make you successful and happy automatically. All the negativity that is within us is created by us in the past. The only way to break through the fear, anger, guilt and resentment is to act in a new way.

To make the choice to forget everything you know and jump in the unknown. At the begging you will feel incredibly uncomfortable and weird. By day 21 you will have new habits that will aid your new YOU, LIFESTYLE and BUSINESS. If you are committed to really make your life different and leave a legacy start right now.

‘’ Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.’’ Goethe

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Remember everything is POSSIBLE!

LABELS that define who we are and how we LIVE

  Excitement vs. Comfort

Do you actually know who you are? Mother, father, brother, sister, boyfriend, girlfriend, surfer, day dreamer or chef…Actually there are much more labels that define us as people. But this is not who you are or what your character is like. These are social roles that you perform, this is not you. Moreover, these social roles have nothing to do with your own inner strength, personality and wisdom.

If you are proud by having any of those labels - great. They are not bad or insufficient; they are just the first layer that covers your personality. You are who you are, because of your character. Are you a player in life that always wants to win? Are you kind, social, sweet person who cares about people and likes to create bonds with them? Are you individualist protecting own personal identity more than anything? Are you an idealist ready to even die for his dream? Are you a person who always chooses the easy path? These are just some of your identity qualities; mixture of those is who you actually are.

Who are you matters, because exactly this part of you makes the life choices, changes and key decisions. The changes, the key decisions - all of these are made in this part of you – the REAL you. Knowing more about yourself allows you to make wiser, better choices for you. The simplest and most accurate way to get to know yourself is by doing something new and observing the skills you use. Most often these are your strongest skills and competitive advantages. Sometimes these are so easy for you that you forget you own those skills and you do certain things better than others.

Reminding yourself how great, extraordinary and different you are is great motivator to use. You do not have to have 100 role models or leaders to follow. You can make your future self your ROLE model. This way you won’t get discouraged every time when things do not go as planned and you will stop blaming yourself. These two things make you a winner from day ONE.

Being kind and loving to yourself matter more than anything in life. Of course you want more, of course you expect changes, and of course you have dreams and goals. This is great, but do not stop supporting and caring for yourself through the journey. Success lies in finding yourself, accepting yourself, using your strengths in every possibility and coping with your weaknesses. Nobody is perfect, but everybody has the chance to be great and extraordinary. It all lies down in your hands and choices.

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